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Introduction to Stata Workshop

With the goal of effectively integrating statistical software into statistics course curricula, this workshop is designed to introduce students to Stata and teach the logic behind using software for statistical analyses. This workshop is two-hours long, appropriate for either undergraduate or graduate students, and can be presented to students at the beginning of a course term to prepare them to use Stata throughout the term.

This workshop is part of a research project. Please cite as:

Johnson, Amy L., and Rebecca D. Gleit. 2021. “Teaching for a Data-Driven Future: Intentionally Building Foundational Computing Skills.” Teaching Sociology. Link

Additional information about the study design is available here. The workshop has been adapted for asychronous online learning. See links below.

A preliminary version of the project was presented (virtually) at the American Sociological Association’s 2020 Annual Meeting. Slides from that presentation are available here.

Learning goals

Workshop materials

Online version of the workshop

About us

Amy L. Johnson and Rebecca Gleit are PhD Candidates in Sociology at Stanford University. They are passionate about making statistics and statistical software approachable to students of all backgrounds.